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Te One Tahua (Farewell Spit)

Te One Tahua (the sandy bank) was the name given to this area by Ngāti Apa tīpuna. Ngāti Apa have an unbroken historical, traditional and spiritual association with Te One Tahua stretching back several hundred years.

Tīpuna occupied the coastline and inland area south of Te One Tahua for centuries. It is believed that the spirits of Ngāti Apa ancestors travelled from the mountains up the coastline to Te One Tahua on their journey to Hawaiki. Owing to the spiritual nature and significance of Te One Tahua to Ngāti Apa, specific tikanga and kawa were observed to enable safe travel or resource collection.

Te One Tahua was an important mahinga mātaitai (fishing area), giving access to tuatua and tuangi (cockles. Occupation areas and tauranga waka were set up and maintained around the landward end of Te One Tahua.