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Te Taero a Kereopa (Boulder Bank) 

Tradition tells us that Te Taero a Kereopa was created after two of Kupe’s crew decided to stay in Te Waipounamu when they were due to leave for Te Ika-a-Māui (the North Island). With two wāhine, they stole a waka and set off. Kupe pursued them, but they recited karakia that caused rocks to fall and create a barrier between them and Kupe. This was the origin of the Te Taero a Kereopa, which was later visited by the tīpuna Tū Ariki, a great grandson of Ruatea, captain of the Kurahaupō waka. He captured a shark near the Boulder Bank and took it home to Whanganui. Here it grew into the famous taniwha Tūtaeporoporo.